Welcome to my guitar lesson studio!

Those who study with me are entering a creative, open-minded environment where

the interests of the student take the priority of the lesson time.


I work with literally hundreds of different method books.

The main method book I recommend for all of my students is the Hal Leonard Guitar Method:


Book 1 (for elementary-aged students)

Book 1/CD Pack (I rarely use the CD but some students like to have it)

Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3 (for teens and adult beginners)


All of the Hal Leonard instructional books are excellent; I work with at least 30 or 40

additional titles for intermediate and advanced students.


I also work with a vast array of digital sheet music.

At your first lesson, you will receive the following three handouts:

Basic Chords

Basic Scales (open)

Basic Scales (closed)


A few additional examples of digital sheet music I use. These are my own transcriptions:


Silent Night

Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)

When September Ends


A couple of blues tutorials that are excerpts from my original method book Melodic Concepts:

Blues Bend Licks

Blues Example Phrase #1


A couple of jazz tutorials from my jazz improv theory class notes:

Improv Theory general class notes 2017-18 14-guitar

Improv Theory general class notes 2017-18 16-guitar


And finally, the following are several unique transcriptions of songs that don't exist elsewhere:

The Beginning of the End

(soundtrack music from Stephen King's "The Stand" TV miniseries)

In Spite Of Ourselves

(John Prine)

I'm On Fire

(Matt Andersen arrangement)

Swing 48

(Django Reinhardt transcription)


I am a prolific transcriber, and I can typically transcribe recorded songs if there is

not already existing sheet music to be found.



In addition to guitar, I also play and give lessons on electric bass, piano, and ukulele.

Please email me if you have specific questions about my range of experience and instruction

with these instruments, and for method book recommendations.



My studio includes theory, composition and songwriting students; theory discussions

are of course a necessary part of all music lessons, and many students incorporate composition/songwriting

exercises into their studies with me.



Your interests are my interests! I like to take a personal approach as much as possible,

tailoring each student's lesson curriculum to fit their specific goals.

I'm always delighted when students bring me new music to explore.

A student whose primary interest is jazz will pursue a different curriculum

from a blues student, a metal student, a classical student, a rock student, a composer, a singer/songwriter.


Many students have a very clear idea what music they want to learn,

and we begin chasing that music as immediately as possible.

Students who are interested in music generally but unclear as to what emphasis they want to take

will find that I have a wide array of repertoire to suggest.


Experimentation is the key to clarifying your artistic expression.


David M. Shere, Ph.D.

Guitar Lessons

Music Center of the Northwest

email: zylaxis@hotmail.com